3 Things That Make Washing Dishes A More Relaxing Experience

If washing dishes help you to release stress that means you’re the same as the people who goes for a drive to release stress. So in a way, that makes your kitchen sink the driver seat.

If your kitchen sink is the driver seat, and it is as outdated as a 1970s Toyota where there’s nothing but an ignition (the tap), the steering wheel (the plates), and a manual transmission (the dishwashing liquid bottle), it’s time to modernize it to make it a more relaxing experience.

1. Starting with installing this Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack which is equivalent to the navigation system that is available as standard in most cars nowadays.

It will direct you where to put the wet plates, knives, cutleries, gloves and etc for drying. There are also “alternative routes” that you can choose as the racks and baskets are moveable modules. So even if you achieve or don’t achieve a mindfulness mental state while washing dishes, you will end up where you needed to be.

2. For the manual transmission which translates to manually adding the dishwashing liquid by squeezing the bottle over the dirty dishes every time the “drive starts to get rough”, it’s probably the best to change it to the automatic transmission which translates to this Soap Pump Dispenser.

This Soap Pump Dispenser works similarly to the automatic transmission known as the Electronic Gear Selector which only requires you to push a button to get going.

However, transmission fluid change is still needed once in a while similar to a manual transmission.

3. Cup holders in cars are also a must nowadays due to drive-through restaurants and the longer commute times. It allows drivers to easily reach for their coffee or any drink with one hand without affecting their drive.

This Cup Cleaner will provide a similar satisfaction as it allows you to easily clean the inside and the outside of your glasses and mugs with one hand without affecting your mindfulness mental state.

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