Affiliate Disclosure is a content-powered website. Like all content-powered websites, earns revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing. There are no other ways to monetize and without monetization, it’s simply impossible for to survive.

Most of you are pretty much aware of this, but there are some who are not aware of what affiliate marketing is all about. Which is why decided to come up with this page. This is to ensure that the bunch who are not aware of what affiliate marketing is all about will not think that is some sort of organization that’s looking to cheat your money. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It’s a program that allows a website or even a YouTuber to join and start selling most of the products listed on Amazon in return for up to 10% of commission for each product. For example, if you click on one of the button that says “Check It Out” on and directed to the product page on Amazon and decided to buy the product, will earn a commission from that sale. Even if you don’t buy the product and decide to wander around on Amazon and buy something else instead, will earn the commission for that as well. In fact, a cookie will be added to your browser and it will remain active for the next 24 hours which means whatever you buy from Amazon within the 24 hours time (after clicking the button), will earn the fees. Unless you clear the cookies before purchasing the product or you did not click on the link and decide to do a separate search on the product itself and purchase it that way.

Other than Amazon’s Associates Program, also takes part in other affiliate programs. needs to pool in as much revenue as possible every month in order to pay the bills, salaries and to save for a rainy day. But at the moment, Amazon’s Associates Program is’s biggest contributor.

On the other hand, not all’s products are part of an affiliate program. Around 50% are affiliate products and the other 50% are non-affiliate products. But no matter if it’s affiliate or non-affiliate products, the products are still on par with’s mission statement which is to only publish unique products.