10 Awesome Gifts To Buy For That Person Who Loves Soccer So Much

1. Penalty shootout practicing net. It has seven scoring zones. It can also be used to practice freekicks. This is more or less the same net used in videos featured on Sportbible’s FB page.

2. Poolball table. Perfect for indoor or outdoor playing as the frame is made out of wood. Comes with 16 balls (blue, green, yellow….all painted in the same colors as the pool balls) including the plain white cue ball.

3. Soccer ball claw. Stores the ball in the room or anywhere else neatly. It is measured and made specifically for a soccer ball. Have more than one ball? No worries. You can have a collection of balls on the wall with multiples of this.

4. Hovering soccer ball. Allows the playing of indoor soccer without the occasional screaming of the mom, possible. This thing features protective bumpers so it won’t harm the furniture and it floats in the air which won’t harm the floors.

5. Soccer dartboard. The inflatable soccer dartboard measures 20 feet tall. This is another way of practicing accuracy as the soccer balls (six of them included in the package) are covered with hook-and-loop fasteners which get them to stick on the dartboard.

6. Indestructible soccer ball. It is made out of material that makes it impossible to burst or deflate. It can withstand the harshest playing conditions in the world.

7. 3D soccer ball nightlight. It is battery operated and since it uses LED lights, you’ll never have to change the bulbs. It also never gets hot. So, not only it is cool to the eye, it is also cool to the touch.

8. Glow in the dark soccer ball. Keep the fun going all night long with this. It is also battery operated.

9. Soccer backpack. For the first time in the world, there’s a backpack that is made to fit both soccer ball and soccer boots. There’s also a compartment for laptop and some other stuff at the back.

10. Soccer bath bombs. Guys too deserve some me time. Sold in a pack of three.

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