10 Funny Golf Gifts To Get For The Avid Golfer You Know

1. Golf club that features a bluetooth speaker and a powerbank. It’s also waterproof. He can also use it to take calls. The grip screws off the shaft revealing a spike so he can stick it on the driving range or anywhere else he want to hear music.

2. A driver that dispenses drink. Thanks to a built-in battery operated pump, the thermal insulated container is able to dispense his favorite cold or hot beverage with just a push of a button.

3. Who needs magazine? Golf kit that helps improve his putting skills while on the toilet. The putter is adjustable from 15.55 inch to 25.19 inch to fit any size of toilets.

4. Golf mug that allows the practicing to continue throughout the house. The 16-ounce mug literally features a hole at the bottom. Mini golf club and golf ball included.

5. Batman golfcart. This 6-horsepower battery-powered beast that is capable of hitting 38mph is priced at $28,500. It can fit two golf bags on it’s back and the seats are leather!

6. This floating golf green does help with the chipping accuracy. It may not be funny anymore if he turns out to be one of the best golfer in the world with this.

7. Exploding golf balls. These golf balls (a set of three) that looks like the actual thing will explode into a harmless puff of smoke upon impact. Perfect for that person who always pisses him off while playing golf.

8. Urinal golf club that allows him to discreetly empty his tank while on the course. No one will know. The golf towel and the leakproof shaft will make him feel covered and protected.

9. A game that combines the two favorite things in his life—golf and drinking. Comes with six shot glasses, two metal putters and everything else he need to get the game to begin and that includes the drinking instructions.

10. Movement activated farting golf ball. It makes a farting sound when strucked.

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