10 Unusual Gifts To Get For The Guy Who Likes To Cook, Bake And Of Course, Eat

1. Cookie cup. This cup features the wideness of a bowl and the depth of a cup so that he can dunk the whole cookie in it. Perfect for a taste test after a round of cookie baking.

2. Apron cooking guide. This apron has all the essential guide that usually slips out of his mind such as the doneness level of a steak and the cooking times of vegetables. It’s very much like the cheat sheet you bring into an examination hall.

3. Chicken drumstick baking rack. It is capable of baking up to 12 drumstick at a time with an even distribution of heat.

4. The Sopranos Family Cookbook. Perfect for if he’s a fan of the show and also perfect for if he’s not a fan. This recipe book features recipes that are cooked by real Italian people in real kitchens for real families that are guaranteed to be delicious.

5. Sol Source. One hundred percent solar-powered grill that reaches cooking temperature in seconds without any fuel.

6. Penis egg fryer. Also makes soft and fluffy penis-shaped pancakes.

7. Upside down wine glass. Just make sure to give him the heads up when pouring wine into it. It’s got to be nice and slow or otherwise it will flow out.

8. Roccbox. This is a portable pizza oven. It’s legs are retractable, the burner is detachable and it has a built-in thermometer.

9. Baby bear bowl. A super light-weight collapsible cooking pot for campers. It’s the size of a wallet and it’s handle is covered with 12 feet of paracord (parachute cord—commonly used for survival and camping).

10. Rollie. It makes one “rollie” a.k.a egg roll at a time.

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