11 Bookmarks Every Reader Wishes They Could Get As A Gift

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Bookmarks are the perfect gift to give to a reader. It is simple, yet valuable. But with the variety of options available these days, the perfect bookmark as a gift is hard to come by. So here we have found the best bookmarks that a person could have. These bookmarks are creative and they are definitely something a reader would cherish.

1. Be Right Back. Nothing that says that you’re in the middle of a book better than this.

2. Cute cat bookmarks. Not as creative as the one above, but a cat person would dig this. It’s magnetic, so don’t worry about it falling off.

3. Lastword Bookmarks. A bookmark that tells you exactly where did you stop on a page. It’s made out of an elastic band so it can fit on all book sizes.

4. Zipmark. Another creative one.

5. 2-in-1 Bookmark and Book Light. When reading light is not in use, it’s a bookmark.

6. Sword bookmarks. For the Game of Thrones fans.

7. Dead guy bookmark. The idea of it is to show that the guy is dead because he got squashed by the book. And they have definitely pulled it off.

8. 9 3/4 Platform bookmark. For the Harry Potter fans. It’s made out of leather and it neatly fits into the edge of the page of any book.

9. Nessie tale bookmark. The mythical creature now protrudes from a book.

10. Metal stencil bookmark. It is more commonly used for journaling but it makes a durable bookmark.

11. Demon hand bookmark. A horror fanatic would love this to bits. It makes a good halloween decoration too.

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