12 Products Which You Can Learn A Lot From

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1. This clock that does not give a shit of what the time is.

Image source: Reddit

2. This Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup that tries to find more ways to make good use of itself.

Image source: Amazon

3. This sandwich bag that fakes it till it makes it.

Image source: Amazon

4. This UNO cards that keeps up with the trend—minimalist.

5. This comfortable pregnancy pillow that does not discriminate. Pregnant or not, it comforts everyone.

6. This knife that knows its true calling in life as a watermelon knife.

Image source: The Gunny Sack

7. This fishbowl that is prepared for the worst.

8. This bolt that is isn’t what it says it is. It is filled with hidden agendas.

9. This signage that sends a clearer message.

Image source: Etsy

10. This beer bottle opener that does not procrastinate and gets everything done in one go.

11. This modern magnetic key rack that is an opportunist but not in a bad way. It worked out a solution to benefit both itself and the light switch.

12. And finally, this Mac keyboard protector that kills two birds with one stone. The Mac keyboard shortcuts are also printed on it.

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