13 Abnormal Things That Will Help Waste Your Time On Earth

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1. NoCry cut resistant gloves

These gloves are called NoCry gloves. It is designed to keep you safe from minor cuts that usually happen when you’re prepping food, picking up broken glass and other similar situations that make you cry in pain.

It’s not called the NoScream gloves. It is not designed to keep you safe from major cuts that usually happen when you’re being stabbed, slashed in a sword battle and other similar situations that make you scream in pain.

2. Lunartec Digital Wall Clock

The way this digital clock works is quite similar to the way an analog clock works. Instead of a second hand, it features 60 LED lights around it which lights up one by one to complete a minute and instead of an hour and minute hand to indicate the time, it indicates the time digitally in LEDs.

What stands out about it is the way the 60 LED lights light up.

And what’s lacking with it is the clock ticking sound which would be cool if it has it in the sound of a bomb countdown timer.

3. Sardine fish paper clips

If the world comes to an end one day and there is one last human survivor similar to the way it’s pictured in the movie “I Am Legend” and there is a food shortage, he is really going to be pissed at the person who created this.

4. Honda Powerbank

Kurt Vonnegut once said, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things”. But not this little thing. Yes, it’s little. Yes, it signifies the little things in life in comparison to the actual Honda generator or the Honda motorcycle or the Honda car. But with it, one day you’ll look back and realize it is not big but in fact very little. Very little in terms of milliamp (mA) as it only has 4,400mA capacity when most power banks nowadays are offering 20,000mAh.

5. Fire extinguisher lighter

The point of a fire extinguisher lighter is to make a joke. But there are two types of fire extinguisher lighters circulating in the market, one which flame comes out from the right direction and the other one comes out in the wrong direction (see image below). If you’re planning to buy it, it’s time to decide if you want to make a joke or look like a joke.

6. Building brick waffle maker

When you see it you’ll shit Lego bricks! The image of this Lego bricks waffle maker shows that the cooked waffles in the picture do not match with the way the mold of the waffle is designed. Come to think of it, there is no other way to go about it. This is because if the waffles were displayed as it was (without being flipped over), it would not draw the attention of the crowd (it’s a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter) as it would just look like a waffle maker that cooks waffles with holes in them at first glance. At the same time, there’s no possible way for the mold to be designed in a way that will allow the Lego brick waffles to be cooked upright.

7. Steve Madden Men’s Evrclear Sneaker

The rubber soles of this Steve Madden sneakers are designed to look like a computer keyboard. From a distance, it may look like all the keys that comprise a computer keyboard are there but when looked closer, there are some important keys missing such as the up arrow, caps lock and escape.

It’s a type of gift the overly attached girlfriend would get for her boyfriend and be like

8. Existence is Pain Car Windshield Decal

Random person on the road after seeing this sticker on a car: That person is suffering from depression and needs to seek help from a psychiatrist.

Rick and Morty fan after seeing this sticker on a car: There’s a Mr. Meeseeks in each and every one of us. It appears when responsibility appears. It bugs us until it’s completed or otherwise it gets frustrated. Although we can’t see it’s existence, we can feel it’s presence and we can feel it’s frustration and pain the closer the responsibility gets to the deadline. Having this Mr. Meeseeks sticker stuck on our car will remind us of the Mr. Meeseeks that’s in us so that we never procrastinate at work or in any circumstances.

9. Slide through wide slot toaster

Like the concept of a printer, this toaster will print out your bread in full brown and white. The darkness level can also be adjusted. Although only capable in printing in brown and white, the good news is that you will never have to change the ink cartridge.

10. Rubik’s cube tissue box cover

Some say the less you know, the better you sleep. But how on earth are you going to sleep better when you purchased a Rubik’s cube tissue box cover that’s made out of fabric the moment you saw it and after a couple of days or weeks you accidentally stumbled on another similar version that’s made out of hard plastic, last longer and has a magnetic bottom to properly secure the tissue box inside of it (see image below)? And the worst part is that the price difference is only $7.

11. Pill bottle timer

This is an empty pill bottle that can be used to store any sort of pill and its bottle cap has a built-in timer to remind the patient how long has it been since the last time the pill is taken. It is especially useful if the patient is like this

12. Shelf/Table

Are the ideas that are came up by the Germans smart or are the ideas too dumb that we normal humans perceive it as genius because we are too smart to think of such ideas? Either way, they have done it again with this shelf that swings into a dining table to save space at home. But one thing for sure, they are fooling us with their prices ($1,105 for this table/shelf).

13. Huge tent

Nestling on a 10 acres leasehold land, this 200 sq ft tent that’s overlooking a beautiful lake and surrounded by lush green scenery features a high ceiling (7.2 ft peak height), a tub floor, a bedroom, a dining room and a front porch. It is priced at $290 with no legal fees and no agreement.

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