13 Things To Get For Your Home That Already Has Everything

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1. Cinnabon-scent air freshener that smells as inviting as their world’s famous classic cinnamon rolls. It is the result of an official collaboration between Air Wick and Cinnabon.

Image: Thrillist

2. Harry Potter remote control wand that can be programmed to absorb the functions of any InfraRed remote control in the house. A total of 9 programmable wand gestures to go along with the functions.

Image: Menkind

3. SwitchBot curtain (left image) that motorizes and automates the curtain’s opening and closing. There’s also a SwitchBot button pusher (right image). It has nothing better to do other than helping you remotely push a button on time.

4. Owl-inspired home surveillance camera with adorable digital eyes that follows your movement. However, it is only able to record a few minutes worth of video. This is because it’s purposed for live streaming your home or baby from your phone.

Image: Indiegogo

5. Bluetooth speaker that packs 6 hours playback time and ready to play the news and music for as long as it takes for you to shower. It is waterproof and features a strong suction cup to go with the bathroom wall tile.

Image: Amazon

6. Realistic bread loaf pillow that makes a bizzare yet cuddly addition to the couch or wherever you see fit. The biggest size it is sold in is 31.5″ followed by 29.5″, 23.6″ and 11.8″.

Image: Amazon

7. Your choice of tweet framed in a 10″ x 12″ handcrafted wood frame that makes your home socially awesome when you have guests over no matter how socially awkward the condition of the home is in.

Image: Tone Deaf

8. Digital clock that requires you to do some math before being able to tell the time. It is designed to keep the brain active and speed up the calculation skills of you and your kids. There are six difficulty levels.

Image: Albert Clock

9. Rainfall showerhead that produces colorful disco-like lights using nothing but the water flow. There is a generator on the inside of it which generates electricity because of the water going through it.

Image: Amazon

10. Swiss Army knife with 87 implements and 141 functions for almost any situation that you did not foresee. It is also the world’s largest and heaviest Swiss Army knife, measuring 20 times bigger and heavier than the every day carry.

Image: Amazon

11. Inflatable pull out sofa bed with built-in cupholders that gets the job done when you have extra guests come over to watch the match or if you’re looking for an affordable non-secondhand pull out sofa bed solution.

12. Licensed Marshall guitar amp key hanger that turns up the volume on the deco-game of a room. The cool laser etched with the stylized Marshall M logo guitar plugs that are attached to cables made out of rubber similar to a real guitar cable are keychains that you fix onto your keys.

13. An ordinary-looking wall outlet that tilts outward to reveal a hiding place for your valuables. It comes with a key to unlock and open it but a normal flat head screwdriver will be a more concealing and possible contender.

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