3 Books to Keep Your Hands and Mind Busy

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1. Extreme Origami

Unless if you’re up for a serious origami challenge, it is best if you stay away from this origami tutorial book which makes use of a dollar bill as the folding paper. Some of the models will take you a continuous 2 hours and absolute concentration to complete, that is, if you’re skilled. But even so, all those time and effort will not go to waste because the details on the models are very accurate and satisfying.

2. What the F**k Should I Make for Dinner?

The words that are used by this cookbook writer (Zach Golden) and also the way he writes makes it look like he has been privately keeping in touch and exchanging ideas with Gordon Ramsay. It consists of 50 easy recipes to cook for dinner and a large handful of the f-word.

3. The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book

Jokes aside, this book by John Collins—the world record holder for the distance achieved in the flying of a paper airplane—features 18 ways to fold paper airplanes including the record-breaking plane which he named after his wife, “Suzanne”. He combines his decade worth of origami knowledge and the understanding of aeronautics to design and build each and every of the 18 paper airplanes. Each airplane is unique in terms of appearance, the way of throwing and the way it flies.

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