3 Creative Ways the Vessl Bottle Cap is Taken Advantage of

Vessl is a patented bottle cap with a built-in pressurized tank that is possible to be used on bottles of all shapes and sizes. The pressurized tank is used to hold liquid and ensures the liquid is possible to be preserved without the need for chemical preservatives and possible to be released into the bottle the very moment the bottle cap is twisted open.

Tea of a Kind, a bottled tea brand, uses the bottle cap on their tea drinks to preserve fresh ingredients. This is to make sure that each and every flavor of their tea drink comes out tasting like tea that is freshly brewed.

Kalvara, a brand that sells cannabis cocktail in a bottle, uses the bottle cap as a refill. It can be purchased in a box that contains a normal bottle of Kalvara and three additional bottle caps that are to be used as a refill.

Artistry Signature Select, a skincare product, uses it to personalize skin treatment. The various treatment serums that are sold individually in the bottle cap can be mix and match into the skincare product to personalize skin treatment.

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