3 Items That Will Make Your Home A Better Place To Live In

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1. FakeTV

Contrary to your initial thought on what this might be, it has nothing to do with pornography. Though, the bright colorful flashing and flickering lights it projects make a never seen before lighting on a pornographic scene. What this is for is to give the impression that the TV is on from outside the window throughout the night at a much lesser cost from actually having the tv on in hopes to prevent burglars from thinking that everyone is fast asleep.

2. Omelette maker

Although many people know that this omelette maker is pretending as if nothing had happened after successfully stealing the concept of a waffle iron, it still manages to ease into their lives by helping produce thick and soft omelettes for breakfast. Besides that, it keeps its promise to eliminate flipping mishaps, so it’s quite understandable why they decide to close an eye.

3. Submersible LED lights

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