3 Most Popular Chairs Designed By Verner Panton

Panton chair

Verner Panton (1926 – 1998) is a popular furniture and interior designer from Denmark who is not as popular as his chairs such as the Panton chair, a cantilever chair with vibrant shape and color, that has been in many photoshoots which photos are then featured in popular magazines. The chair—which has it’s own Wikipedia page—is also displayed in popular design museums around the world.

Cone chair

The Cone chair, a chair in the shape of a cone, is another popular chair that was initially designed by the man especially for his parents’ restaurant in 1958. According to Financial Times, the design was admired by one of the customers from the restaurant and was offered to put into production. After the production, it became popular quickly, although, it wasn’t the good kind of popular because it was used in a photoshoot featuring naked models for a magazine called Mobila. Fortunately, it did not affect his career at that time.

Living Tower

The Living Tower is a high-rise sofa chair that is 2 meters tall. It is designed in such a way by Verner Panton to encourage communication and relaxation. It has been around since 1969 but only in recent times it became popular when Lil Yatchy, a popular American rapper, bought it and posted a video on how to use it on his TikTok page. The video received 32 million views.

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