3 Products Designed To Make Matters Worse

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1. USB rechargeable AA batteries

These AA batteries are designed to be rechargeable through a 4 end USB cable as if the number of times the cables got tangled up are not enough.

A better alternative would be the 8Bay battery charger—which is displayed in the image below. It’s a charging bay with eight slots to charge either AA or AAA or both and it comes packed with 4 AA batteries and 4 AAA batteries. On top of that, it’s $10 cheaper.

2. 007 Coffee Table

This coffee table, on the other hand, is designed to cheat your hard-earned money. This is because real money is charged for it—$6,000—despite the main attraction of it only being the epoxy tabletop which is moulded with fake cash, fake gold bars, a fake gun, fake passports, fake credit cards and a fake plane ticket.

3. How’s My Driving? Call: 1-800-EAT-SHIT

With all the police brutality that has been going on in mind, although this article mentions that these types of bumper stickers are legal to be used in all states except Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina, it also mentions that even if you’re not from any of the 3 states, there is a possibility of a cop that is easily offended and don’t understand the law who will have you pulled over and ask you to take it off.

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