3 Products with the Future Written All Over It

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1. Foldeat

The future of a tiffin carrier is looking way more rational than the future of Bitcoin, thanks to Foldeat—a new type of tiffin carrier. Foldeat is an insulated shoulder bag that unfolds into a set of tableware consisting of a square-shaped tiffin carrier, cutleries holder, dipping sauce containers and a phone stand—which also works as the bag’s closing clip—so that you can have a rational meal at your office or anywhere, rationally.

2. Kasa Smart Light Bulb by TP-Link

Although no one really knows how the future will look like there are clues on the things that would exist in the future. For example, since these days there a lot of new products—including light bulbs such as this—that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, most household things in the future will most likely come with a voice-control feature as standard.

3. Articulated Fingers

But that doesn’t mean one should not contemplate how the future will turn out to be. There are endless possibilities. For instance, what if Star Wars is something that will take place millions of years in the future—on the basis of the many times how The Simpsons predicted the future—and we are unintentionally paving the way for it to happen with our constant curiosity of earth’s resources, technology and outer space?

If it is true, then we should thank Gary Fay, the person who created this articulated fingers, which design will be picked up, developed and used on General Grievous for when he sustained severe injuries that require most of his body to be replaced with mechanical parts.

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