3 Products You Will Regret Buying If You Did Not Read This Post

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There’s always a better deal out there. You just got to either wait for it or look for it.

Boon Glo nightlight with portable balls

In the case of this nightlight, the better deal for it is this orb light.

Orb light

This is because according to many existing customers it’s highly-priced ($68), the removable balls that are supposed to glow in the dark do not glow brightly and they only glow for a short period of time (they need to be returned to the nightlight base so that they can be recharged back). On top of that, some customers also complain that the candy white body of the nightlight turns yellow after some time.

The orb light, on the other hand, is about the same size as the removable glow in the dark balls (3-inch diameter) but it’s only priced at $11.99 each, it glows brightly with 7 different color options, it can be placed freely in the room and it’s waterproof.

Kuhn Rikon pull chop chopper

Technically, this is a food chopper with extra steps. It requires a cord to be pulled back and forth in order to get the blades on the inside to rotate. The more you pull the cord back and forth, the finer it chops.

Now this is a food chopper with lesser steps. It’s called the Ninja Express Chop Professional. It only requires a button to be pushed for it to do the same thing.

Ninja express chop professional
Gulp fire extinguisher water bottle

From a distance, this water bottle looks like it has been scribbled by a liquid paper and it is made out of cold rolled steel, which is a cheaper and less reliable form of steel compared to stainless steel.

Roughly about the same price, this fire extinguisher water bottle made by TankH20 features vacuum-insulated double-wall 18/8 stainless steel that can be used for both cold drinks and hot drinks. It also features a minimalist exterior design with powder coated body that not only gives a solid grip but also prevents condensation.

TankH20 fire extinguisher water bottle
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