3 Rubik’s Cube Inspired Things That Are Worth Having

Unlike most Rubik’s cubes, these are designed to go easy on the mind.

Nope. It does not require any sort of solving before you can access the tissue.

If you’re familiar with The Big Bang Theory tv series, this might look familiar as it’s the similar tissue box cover seen in Leonard and Sheldon’s living room. But compared to that which is made out of some sort of fabric, this is made out of hard plastic. In other words, this is sturdier and easier to clean.

It’s solved for you in advance so that you can have a hot cup of coffee or tea peacefully.

However, due to the way the rim of the mug is designed, the drink can easily spill when drinking. So it’s best if it’s used as a pen holder for your desk. Even so, it’s still worth having because it will be the only solved Rubik’s cube you have.

Although it does not appear to be solved, it has the ability to solve your hunger and thirst issues. It also solves high electricity bill issue, limited space issue and high-maintenance issue.

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