3 Socks That Will Make You Healthier

There’s a meaning in everything. You just need to look close enough to find it.

The meaning of the following food socks is that no matter how much of the real food you have, you will never be truly satisfied because it’s gone so quickly. Therefore, having it in the form of something that will last longer will make you feel satisfied and reduce your intake of the real food which contributes to better health.

Chocolate bar socks

As displayed in the images above, there are different types; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Similar to eating chocolate, wearing these socks gives you pleasure and comfort.

Burger socks

There are two pairs of socks inside this burger socks and similar to there’s a proper way to holding a burger, there’s a proper way to wearing these socks; the buns form a pair and the ingredients form a pair.

Pizza socks

Available in five different toppings; mix veggie capriciosa pepperoni, mix hawaii italian pepperoni, mix hawaii italian veggie, mix hawaii italian capriciosa and pepperoni. There are four pairs of socks in each box and similar to the real thing, you can either share it or have it all to yourself.

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