3 Things That If You Buy Them Is Equivalent To Being Scammed

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1. Jobon Triple Torch Lighter

A discounted product is a product which price has been reduced from the original price. For example, this Jobon triple torch lighter that is sold on AliExpress for $12.66 instead of $15.83.

On the other hand, a product which price has been marked up three times or four times the original price and reduced significantly to entice shoppers with a huge discount is not a discounted product but it is a con job. For example, the same lighter that is sold on Commonlee for $29.97 instead of $59.94.

2. Wine Bottle Shaped Wine Glass

Although you are not directly being scammed by buying this wine glass, taking the time to pour the whole bottle of wine into this wine glass and drinking from it will certainly make you look like a jackass when you find out later that you can actually reduce the cost and reduce the steps taken by drinking straight out of the bottle in a similar fashion with this wine glass bottle screw.

3. Goldfish Tea Bags

You also won’t be directly scammed with this award-winning teabag which swells into a beautiful goldfish when submerged in the water. Only after consuming a cup of tea with it and feeling the warmth it provides, a feeling of being manipulated, guilt and cheated will follow as you realize that you killed the beautiful goldfish by drinking all of the water that brought it to life.

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