3 Unique Kitchen Items That Leaves Its Competitor In The Dust

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1. While this Visual Measuring Cups features interesting pie chart cup designs just for the sake of being easier to read the measurements,

this Adjust-A-Cup swiftly comes from behind and overtakes it from the side with more in-depth measurements, being cheaper and also by helping to reduce clutter on the kitchen countertop.

2. While this spaghetti portion control measuring tool slows things down as it almost works like threading a needle,

this casually flies past it by allowing the spaghetti to fall into place smoothly.

3. While the insides of this baking tray twist and turns just so it could bake cakes or brownies with more edge pieces,

this baking tray takes a shortcut, enabling it to bake complete edge pieces and while at the same time costing three times lower.

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