The 3 Versions of Crownes Chess

This chess set is known as Crownes Chess. The chess pieces are designed to be stacked on one over the other in sequential order so that they can be easily set up for a game of chess and be neatly put away right after the game in a compact storage case that is in the shape of a tube—one tube case measuring 5.1in x 1.7in (diameter) dedicated for each set of chess pieces. A roll-up chessboard and a carrying case that securely fits all of them are also included.

A set of chess pieces stacked on sequential order
Easy chess game set up
Genuine leather carrying case

It was launched on Kickstarter—a crowdfunding platform where most of the unique products come to see daylight and have their faith determined—and manage to pledge $584,058 from 5,483 backers. There are three versions of Crowness Chess made available which are simply known as Original, Premium and Basic.

The Original version ($90) features chess pieces that are made out of zinc alloy, tube cases made out of recycled plastic, roll-up chessboard made out of artificial leather and carrying case made out of canvas. The chess pieces consist of two colors, black and silver, both are to be stored separately in an identical colored tube case.

Black and silver chess pieces and tube cases
Black and silver chess pieces on a roll-up artificial leather chessboard
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto makes a sudden appearance

The Premium version ($132) of it, on the other hand, features black and bronze chess pieces that are made out of stainless steel. Not only they have been given a premium color and material, but they are also given a premium feature, a magnetic base that prevents the chess pieces from shifting or falling out in the tube case.

Chess pieces with magnetic base

Other than that, the tube cases are made out of wood and the carrying case and the roll-up chessboard are both made out of genuine leather.

Black and bronze chess pieces with wooden tube cases
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto makes a sudden appearance once again

The Basic version ($35) is as basic as it can get. Blue and white recycled plastic chess pieces, blue and white recycled plastic tube cases, silicone roll-up chessboard and canvas carrying case.

Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto makes a sudden appearance for the last time
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