4 Cool Things That Are Not So Cool After All

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1. Yoda bookend

While The Force is so deeply and beautifully spoken by the Jedis, this bookend lies about it. It uses the back cover of the book located towards the most left to hide the metal that is preventing all the books from falling which, as a result, makes it look like Yoda is using The Force on it.

2. Fridge calendar

This magnetic dry erase whiteboard calendar that is meant for a fridge requires you to fill up the dates in tiny little boxes every month. If you screw up what day the month begins in and get carried away filling up the whole calendar before noticing it, you will have no choice but to do it all over again.

3. Whisky flask with leather bookcase

Image – Reddit

Unlike reading a real book this book reduces your ability to empathizeweakens your brainworsens your depression and will give you a bad night’s sleep.

4. Bird travel backpack

Bringing a cat or a puppy inside a similar type of backpack when heading out to a vet, for traveling, or for shopping is acceptable because it’s easy and safe. Bringing a bird inside this bag, however, is next level animal cruelty. It’s like telling the bird

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