4 Easy Recipes to Try with the Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicle Maker

The Star Wars lightsaber popsicle maker can make four popsicles at a time. The four popsicle sticks are light-up lightsabers, two of which belong to Luke Skywalker and the other two belong to Darth Vader. As a result, only two colors of popsicles can be made using it, red and green—if perfection is in your blood.

In the following video, Rosanna made a raspberry smoothie for the Darth Vader popsicle and a kiwi smoothie for Luke Skywalker. Each recipe only calls for four ingredients.

Meghan, probably because to balance the flavor and the color, used more ingredients for her green smoothie. Her red smoothie, on the other hand, only uses two ingredients.

Although the popsicles by Tipsy Bartender here are made using disposable popsicle mold bags, the ingredients can also be used to make popsicles with the lightsaber popsicle maker. Only three ingredients required for each red and green and no blending is needed.

And this is as easy as it can get. One ingredient for each and that is the original-flavor and cherry-flavor of Mountain Dew. Other soda or juice flavors, as long as the color matches, can replace it as well.

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