4 Pocket Chainsaws Put to the Test

There are three different pocket chainsaws compared and put to the test in the following video by Survival On Purpose; pocket chainsaw by Croc (name changed from Lieutenant to Croc), pocket chainsaw by Chainmate and a Chainmate knock-off. The best out of the three is the one by Croc as it is fast and smooth to saw down a tree branch with it’s more than 92 sharp teeth.

A high limb pocket chainsaw, as shown and tested in the video below, is a type of pocket chainsaw that features a long rope on each end of the chain instead of a handle or a strap like how most pocket chainsaws are usually made. The idea of it is to saw down a tree branch that is too high to reach. However, the version that is used below by Taras Kul only features 11 teeth which explains why it tends to get stuck. A better alternative would be the high limb pocket chainsaw by Loggers Art Gens that features 62 teeth.

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