4 Products That Would Keep A Household Intact

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1. StirMATE

StirMATE is an automatic pot stirrer which when compared to the as seen on TV RoboStir, is legitimate. It works with any pots and pans that are 6-12 inches in diameter and 3-9 inches in depth and when upgraded to the StirMATE OMNI-XL stainless steel stirrer attachment that is sold separately, it could work on slightly larger pots and pans. On a single half an hour charge it can stir continuously for 13 hours.

The overly manly man takes it personally.

2. Desktop stand

This desktop stand raises the height of a computer monitor by 2.75 inches to make space underneath it. Although the raise doesn’t sound much, it is sufficient to clear up the clutter on the desk. Its aluminum legs are further extendable, raising the height to 3.75 inches. Besides being raised on a desk, it also works anywhere else as long as there is enough space for it and the weight of the item that sits on it is under 66 lbs.

This Persian cat finds it annoying that his owner uses the keyboard underneath this desktop stand instead. He doesn’t know that it was done on purpose to keep him away from the keyboard.

3. Reflexology socks

Underneath this socks is printed with the foot reflexology map. It is a mapped area of the pressure points at the bottom of the foot and the organs they are connected to. Apparently, when pressure is applied to any of the pressure points, it will be beneficial for the organ—for instance, the mapping of the pressure point “genital glands” is for better sex.

Quentin Tarantino was paying extra attention on this socks until he sees you—he has a foot fetish. So he wanders around while waiting for you to scroll to the next product.

4. Sheet set with side pockets

The fitted sheet of this bedding set has an 8-inch deep and 9-inch wide pocket that is conveniently located on both sides of it for easy and quick storage. It comes in handy for storing things that are used for activities before bed. Since there are many activities to do before bed, it is a convenience that can’t go wrong.

Unfortunately, it did went wrong for this lad. He was on the dance floor when he realized that he forgot to check the pockets before putting them for a wash.
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