4 Self-Improvement Books Every Guy Turning 18 Should Read

What Mark Manson has explained in this book is an explanation that is owed by every father to his son when he has reached adulthood. For those of you who are struggling to adult because of a lousy father (or no father), this is the book for you.

In this life where time is limited and the number of humans with different opinions is unlimited, it’s hard to not be a dick. This book teaches you the basics of how to not be a dick to humans so that you can kill em with kindness and get what you want.

Compared to the teenage years, life is completely upside down in your 20s. While some people have the patience and the strength to adapt, most of you struggle like being dragged by a horse. Thankfully we have Paul Angone. A man who has been dragged by a horse for thousands of miles in his 20s and still capable to share his journey and tips on how to get right back on the horse and ride like you mean it.

Dressing up like a man does not necessarily make you a man. Being a man is sort of like a culture that has its own beliefs, knowledge, practices, capabilities, and ethics. This book covers all of those so that you can be a proper man on the inside and the outside. Or you can just buy this book and learn the ways of a man so that you can use it on a girl that’s into men and try to get into her pants.

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