4 Things To Buy For Yourself Before The Game Is Over

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1. Skywriter UFO Remote Control Helicopter

Technically, the game isn’t over until when the wedding is taking place (source: The Hangover Part II). So it’s not too late to play the game.

This RC helicopter which displays a message with glitches is the way to go in order to secure the target—budgeted sky banner proposal. But in spite of the glitches and the half-hearted effort, she would probably still break down in tears of joy because getting proposed is everything she ever wanted. On the bright side, you get a new toy to fumble with. It’s a win-win.

2. Fake Gold Bar Doorstop

After marriage, however, it’s not all win-win. Something that will slowly start disappearing from your place and be replaced with her things is your very own belongings. Things that she thinks are ridiculous like this fake gold bar doorstop will end up in the storeroom or worse, in the trash. It doesn’t end there. Your clothes, your choices and everything else will be subjected to her approval.

Before you know it, your place is her place and you are just one of her belongings. So it’s only fair to give yourself the treatment of a king starting from now as it will all happen in a blink of an eye.

3. Rabbit and Carrot Doorstop

Also, get this doorstop as a way to get even with her—without having to start a fight—when the one above has been removed from your sight without any prior warning. She might see it as something cute—rabbit pulling a carrot that is stuck under the door—and decide to keep having it around but deep down you know that you got it mainly because the rabbit looks like it’s having an orgasm. You will feel glad that at least someone in the house is actually having an orgasm and it will always remind you of the good times.

4. Dining Pool Table

Luckily, there is a loophole. Things that have sentimental value and also expensive wouldn’t be easy for her to negotiate with you in order to get rid of it. In fact, there is no reason for her to do so especially if that thing is this good-looking $6,000 dining pool table which contributes to the household and doesn’t take up any additional space.

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