4 Things To Get For Yourself If You Think You Have It All

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1. Ice Cream Scoop and Stack

Using this or any other types of ice cream scoops is without a doubt not going to work as long as the ice cream is still frozen in condition. But it works a treat if the tub of ice cream is let to sit outside of the freezer until it starts to soften up a bit. In fact,

It allows you to smoothly push it about 3-inch deep into the tub and lift up an almost equally thick cylindrical scoop. There’s a button to easily push-out the scoop into a bowl or an ice cream cone.

2. Dreamfarm Scizza

The pizza wheel is the most common tool used to slice up a pizza. It is so common and easy to use that all major pizza restaurants and pizza enthusiasts at home use it.

Scizza, a pizza slicer inspired by the scissors, allows you to slice up a pizza just like how you are cutting a piece of paper using a pair of scissors. The advantage of it compared to a pizza wheel is that the blades are not exposed and it does not scratch your pizza pan or board simply because it has a spatula base.

3. Eat Shit: Chocolate Turd in a Box

This chocolate that looks like human shit is placed in an unsuspicious-looking gift box and along with that the writing “EAT SHIT” is featured clearly on the inside.

The company that produces this will ship it for you and at the same time keep your information confidential. This way, you can have it sent to your boss or anyone else and classily tell them to “EAT SHIT”. But it also works as a normal chocolate to buy for yourself if you want to try something new for a change. It’s 100% vegan.

4. DOOMED Crystal Skull Shotglass

The poisonous appearance of this shot glass should serve as a warning for you before you do the shot that will definitely cause you to lose control of your behavior. This shot glass is designed to hold more liquid (74ml) compared to the standard shot glass (44ml).

Or you can see it the other way round and do shots of milk with it instead—the skull being the reminder that it’s good for your bones.

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