4 Things You Should Know That They Do Exist

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1. Faucet nightlight

If there’s a faucet that does not cost you money when turned on, does not flood the sink when left on, does not make an annoying sound when it’s leaking and does not leak, it is this faucet—a nightlight in disguise as a faucet.

Mounting it on the wall, on the other hand, is not so difficult either as it uses a wall-sticker hook that allows the nightlight to be attached or detached for charging.

2. SuperCalla

This is probably the most popular charging cable in 2020. In a span of just one month, it has been backed by almost 85,000 backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

There are little magnets attached throughout the cable that allows the cable to stick with each other in many different ways including having two or more of the same charging cable to be stacked up for a tangle-free and neat storage.

3. Wooden Volkswagen Beetle

This wooden Volkswagen Beetle is built by a 71-year-old man from Bosnia with the help of his wife. They took more than 2 years and 50,000 pieces of wood to put it together. Most of it is made out of wood, including the brake, gas pedals, rims and some parts of the windscreen wipers.

The only things that are not made out of wood are the headlamps, chairs, brake lights, tires, windscreen, the floor, and the other non-wood-able stuff such as the engine and exhaust pipe.

4. Bulge boxer briefs

Despite the already unique characteristic of the things listed here, this thing stands out even more like a boner. It’s a typical boxer brief with an added section to allow an erected penis to breath.

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