4 Things You Will Not Regret Spending Your Money On—For Men Only

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1. Ring For Boobies Keychain

Staring at boobs helps men think more positively and live a longer life according to this articlethis article and this article. So it’s advised if you make some sort of deal with your girlfriend or wife to flash her boobs whenever and wherever a negative thought pops up in your mind by ringing this bell.

2. BedShelfie

There are three scenarios on how this would benefit you. One, you need more space for your tv remote and other devices. Two, you live in a small bedroom and don’t want to waste space on a nightstand. And three, you live in a hostel.

3. Rude Hand Gestures Of The World

The hand gesture to invite someone to eat in India is similar to the hand gesture of saying “WTF” in Italy. Therefore, before you get punched in the face for accidentally using the wrong gesture in a country, it is highly recommended for you to go through this book.

4. Beer Well

In case you’re seeking the answer for the best beer cooler, you should look down because it’s right under you. The temperature underground remains cool and constant all year round—depends on which part of the world you’re from—and it’s a waste to not take advantage of it with this beer well.

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