4 Videos That Proves The Pet Deshedding Gloves By Delomo Actually Work

Seeing that the pet deshedding gloves by Delomo actually work is believing that the pet deshedding gloves by Delomo actually work.

Pet deshedding gloves comparison by Taras Kulakov

In this video, Taras tested and compared two different types of deshedding gloves on his huskies, Delomo and HandsOn. According to him, the one by Delomo worked better.

Something that he did not mention about the difference between the two gloves which is quite obvious in the video is that the one by Delomo gets the job done more neatly. This is because the fur tends to stick on the glove and can be easily peeled and thrown into the trash, unlike HandsOn which does not stick properly on it causing the fur to go all over the place.

True Touch review by James White

True Touch is a deshedding glove that’s exactly the same as Delomo in every way. The differences are the brand name and the fact that True Touch only comes with one glove (and that is only for the right hand), unlike Delomo which comes in a pair.

Differences aside, James also did like the way it works on his golden retriever. However, it did not work well on his chihuahua, which is a short-haired dog—something to keep in mind if you’re planning to buy it.

Cat in a hat


@imartycat 😺

♬ original sound – memes

This video that went viral on TikTok and Reddit features TikTok user, imartycat, brushing her cat using the Delomo gloves and satisfyingly peeling the accumulated fur off and followed by shaping the fur into a cute little hat for her cat. In other words, it also works on cats.


Although this video by Insider features the HandsOn gloves which do not work as good as Delomo’s, it proves that the Delomo gloves can also be used on horses, donkeys and any pets with long and thick fur.

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