5 Products You Should Get To Know A Little More

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1. Scorpion gaming chair

The doppelgänger of this highly advanced fully-adjustable zero-gravity gaming chair that has taken what’s rightful of a scorpion is quite the opposite. It’s a traditional hand-carved wooden chair from Russia. Coincidentally, they both are famous, understandably expensive and consume a large amount of space.

2. Eye caps

You stumbling across these is another of the many reminders from the universe that the ultimate reality is creeping up. These are what morticians call eye caps. It is placed on the eyeballs and the spikes on it will hook the eyelids to keep the eyes closed as they tend to stay open for some people.

3. Pom Pom float

When a coffin is in sight, it’s usually a bad news but, not with this coffin. In fact, it is the one and only coffin that is Instagrammable. On top of that, this coffin brings joy to the people around it and the person who is going to be in it has nothing to fear as he or she is going to float into tranquility despite the sins committed.

4. Laser scissors

Cutting a straight line at an angle of exactly 90° on a piece of paper or a fabric using scissors is really about a properly measured and drawn straight line and the steadfastness of the hand. Otherwise, nothing would help, even these laser scissors that may seem to have cracked the code—it will be hard to tell whether the laser is pointing a straight line or a slanting one, not to mention that the laser can skid around a little bit while in the middle of cutting.

5. The Sriracha Cookbook

One of the good things that came out of the Vietnam war is Huy Fong’s sriracha sauce that is created by David Tran. Without the war, David Tran would have never gone to America in the 70s as a refugee to seek asylum from the post-war regime. Although he was also making chili sauce in Vietnam, it will not spread like wildfire throughout the world as it did when he made it and sold it in America.

As it should be, this cookbook takes the rooster sauce seriously by utilizing it as the main ingredient for all the recipes.

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