5 Things Short People Should Start Living With

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1. A Reacher Grabber that will finally allow you to walk in and out of a supermarket independently.

It adds 32″ to your reach. And since its frame is made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum and its grabber is made out of rubber, it can even be used to reach the last few clothes at the bottom of the washing machine.

2. First-class suite flight tickets. The seats come with a conveniently located luggage compartment.

3. This seatbelt adjuster that helps you shift the shoulder strap away from your neck and while at the same time still keep you safe.

4. A 3-Step mobile steel step stand in place of a stool. It’s easier to get up and down from it and also easier to move it around. And foldable too!

5. Telescoping inspection mirror with LED lights to give you eyes for where you can’t see. It can be extended from 7.5″ up to 34″ long and features a rotatable and bendable mirror.

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