5 Unnecessary Cool Things That Are Necessary If You Have The Money

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1. Mount Fuji eraser

This eraser of the Japanese landmark is sold at an unreasonably high price. For $28, you get two of these, one in the color of cool blue and the other in fiery red. Even if what it is trying to accomplish is to always be there as a gentle reminder to look at the bigger picture in any form of written or artwork, price is and should be an issue. Unless, of course, you got the money for it.

2. Banana Loca

But even if this banana filler is twice the price of the eraser above and has the tendency to develop health problems from too much eating of banana-filled Nutella, for something as original, practical and educational—besides Nutella, you can test it with any spreads and learn the difference—as this, price is not and shouldn’t be an issue. Fortunately, it’s just a dollar cheaper.

3. Hobbit feet home shoes

As you can tell, these stuffed with foam hobbit home shoes are not something a non LOTR or Hobbit fan would approve of, however, the warmth and coziness obtained from it is enough for him or her to take advantage of it by sitting back and relaxing in front of the tv and while at it, show leniency by giving the film series another chance and helplessly convert into a fan right after.

4. Galium metal

This here is gallium which is one of the different kinds of liquid metal that melts at room temperature, unlike the liquid metal Terminator 2’s “T-1000” is composed of. Precisely, according to Wikipedia, it starts melting when the temperature hits 29.76 °C. In its liquified state, it can properly take the shape of any moulds and come out in detail when solidified.

5. Motorized pool lounger

Underneath this dream come true of a pool lounger that has a top speed of around 2 mph is two 360° rotatable motorized propellers. Each of these propellers is connected to a also 360° rotatable joystick that gives you completely separate control of the two propellers and hence a positioning on the pool to suit the coordinates and angle you preferred most without a single finger in the water.

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