6 Creepy Products Found Sold On The Internet

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1. Real baby octopus preserved in a jar which is made and sold for display purposes only. The octopus is placed in a 4oz specimen jar and it is said to be able to last forever.

Img – Etsy

2. Baby octopuses are not the only thing found preserved. There’s also baby mice.

Img – Etsy

3. If there’s a facial expression to respond to the two items being sold above, it would be the facial expression of this baby mask which is also quite creepy-looking when it’s worn by an adult.

4. This denture hair comb. Besides this, the seller also sells braces ring, denture bracelet and denture-inspired spectacle frame—none of which are creepier than the other.

5. A zombie wine pourer and aerator that looks like it’s vomiting blood when the wine is poured out of it. But for some, having Donald Trump do exactly that is creepier. So here’s a Donald Trump pourer and aerator as well.

6. Lifesize cardboard cutout of Mr. Bean. Its creepiness will only be visible when it’s in your house.

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