6 Daily Things That Has Been Reinvigorated

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1. Curved fruit basket

This polished fruit basket that stands stylishly on a kitchen counter is pickier than any other fruit baskets. This is because it’s careful of the types of fruits it chooses to work with. Any fruits that are more than 4.25″ in diameter or smaller than a lime and it will refuse to accept its cooperation.

2. Waterproof socks

These socks arrived late. They would be much appreciated during schooling days where shoes and socks actually get soaking wet without prior warning. But of course, it’s not a party if it’s not late.

3. Cuddle pillow

This pillow is right on time for the party. The armrest slot is available on either side as an option to cater to both right-handed and left-handed people so that everyone gets to join in the fun.

4. SteakChamp

But the party is not a party with the absence of thick and juicy burgers. Although evidently this is a steak thermometer, pretty sure it wouldn’t mind if it is taken advantage of. And it is also in the mood to party as it uses the colors associated with cannabis to signal the doneness level of the burger patty.

5. DIY mechanical calculator

Party time aside, this mechanical calculator is one way to help pass the time. Though, watching a video of someone else painstakingly put it together and listening to the satisfying sound the mechanical keys produce in the end is enough to clear the urge to own it.

6. Facebook Like self-inking stamps

Whether it’s a thought-provoking chapter in a book or a spectacular image in a magazine, this stamp is the easiest route to bring the engagement aspect of Facebook into it—no need for “Facebook Glass”, an app id or Like button configuration—and finally be the first person to Like it.

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