6 Products That Will Give Your House The Space It Needs To Breathe

1. Side table that keeps things neat and tidy by the integration of items that usually cause untidiness such as power ports, wireless charging, Bluetooth speaker, mini fridge and motion sensor nightlight.

Sales-closing review: “Using side table as nightstands and we love them! The ability to charge our phones, have chilled water in the middle of the night, a night light automatically when I get up is perfect!”—Deanna Newsom

2. Wall-mounted gaming console controller holder that clears up the clutter on the TV cabinet by making use of the plenty-of-empty-space on the wall.

Image: Amazon

Sales-closing review: “Bought these for my ever increasing controller collection. They work well. Just be sure to level them carefully if using the adhesive pads. They stick really, really well. Too well… Lol.”—Hyrose D’varri

3. Free standing over-the-toilet-storage that adds four large layers of storage in the bathroom in the most obedient way.

Sales-closing review: “Bought to replace a twelve year old relic. This storage shelf is a little taller than anticipated–for me, thats a good thing. One cannot ever have too much storage in a small space so the four shelves are a happy accident. Overall, assembly was pretty simple. An unskilled person should be able to handle it in about thirty minutes.”—Kerry

4. Magnetic fridge rack that creates a strategic space in the kitchen out of thin air. It also works on a microwave.

Image: Amazon

Sales-closing review: “It’s actually a really strong magnet. It doesn’t take any assembly, except the rods if you plan on using them for paper towels/etc. I made space in the shelf above my stove by moving all my spices to this new rack. Once it’s stuck on the fridge it doesn’t move and appears to be able to hold a considerable amount of weight. As I am not using the rods for paper towels/tin foil, I have hung bottle openers/etc from the hooks instead.”—J

5. Stackable shelf organizer that properly divides and conquers the space in the kitchen cabinet.

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

Sales-closing review: “I love them! I had the plastic ones before (which I paid MORE for, believe it or not) and these are a thousand times better. They’re stronger, better built, more versatile, as far as positioning and ability to stack, and they’re nicer looking to boot! What more could I ask for in a two shelf system? You can place them side by side, one atop the other or in an ‘L’ configuration. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

The plastic ones would sometimes bend with too much weight or they’d feel unsteady if you put more weight on the top or set things unevenly. Not so with these. I can put a dozen cans on top with nothing on the bottom, or put all the weight of the cans on one side on top and the stacked shelves are as sturdy as they are with nothing on them. I almost can’t believe how nice they are for the price. I’m so damned glad I got lucky and found these.

I’d tried so many different types of things for my upper pantry. I’m 5’3″ and though I can reach the front of that shelf, getting anything past the first few inches is not an option for me without using a step stool. The turntables I tried all were lousy. They advertised holding up to sixty pounds. Yet they’d slow down to a dragging crawl if I put more than three cans on them. So I went to the stacks and they too failed to live up to their claims. But these guys did what they said they would, and then some. I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I’m ordering another set for the other side of that pantry cabinet. The ability to arrange them in different ways allows me to place another set next to these as long as I face them in the opposite direction. And I’m going to do just that. Get these shelves. I swear to you with all I have (although it ain’t much) you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!”—Linda R

6. Wall-mounted toothbrushes holder, toothpaste dispenser and gargle cups that restores the natural beauty of the sink in a shared bathroom.

Sales-closing review: “So far I love it. I don’t have to worry about messy toothpaste everywhere or some lazy person not closing the lid of the paste. And all my toothbrushes are hung nicely. Saves room and looks so nice.”—Nikki

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