6 Random Things To Check Out For No Reason

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Automatic dice roller

This automatic dice roller rolls on two AA batteries. There are five dice included to roll with it, however, the batteries are not included. Its transparent cover is for the rolling and reading of the dice to easily be seen whereas the included black cover that sits perfectly on top of the transparent cover is for games that require the rolled dice to temporarily not be seen by the players.

A breakdown of the automatic dice roller
Gold Bubbly Blaster

This thing attaches to any 375ml, 750ml and 1,000ml champagne bottles. When attached, it seals the bottle to keep the champagne fresh and bubbly while at the same time keeping it open for business. The trigger on it can be controlled to release a gentle stream or a strong stream of champagne.

Gold Bubbly Blaster being used with a 750ml Moët
There are 3 color choices

This toothpaste squeezer which comes in a set of three also works with other similar types of tubes such as facial wash and lotion. It rolls out every last drop that’s in the tube. It has a roll shaft that rolls up the tube to force all the toothpaste that is at the bottom to move to the top.

It makes room for more space and helps to keep the bathroom neat
Snowball maker

With the right temperature of snow for snowballs, this snowball maker will mold a perfectly round snowball every single time without fail. The snowball that it molds will feature a fixed 3-inch diameter and a smooth to perfection surface. Its ergonomic design and the nonstick-like molding surface will also ensure every single step of making the perfect snowball to be effortless and quick.

A 3-inch (Dia) snowball made using this snowball maker
A button cell battery (top right) and a 9V battery (bottom right) being tested with it

The remaining power of an alkaline battery such as the AA, AAA, 9V and button cell batteries are measurable with this. It doesn’t require any batteries to be powered on for measuring any of the said batteries because it leeches on the power of the battery that is being measured.

The view of FoldiMate from the front

This is the second prototype of FoldiMate that was officially unveiled at CES 2019. It is a machine that allows clothes to be folded even with a blindfold on. The unfolded clothes should be inserted one at a time through the purple-colored clips for folding. Clippers at the bottom are to fold a t-shirt or a shirt and the large clipper at the top folds a pair of pants or a towel.

A closer look at the clips where the clothes are inserted
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