6 Things You Should Consider Getting The Very Moment You’re A Cat Owner

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1. Snacks

Cats love snack. Snacks such as dried food, cod fish, salmon, etc. It’s a treat for them if they’re being good.

2. Cat tree

For cats to play in it. My cats have three cat tree in different sizes and I see how they enjoy playing in it. Cat tree is a complete package, with room to sleep, place they can climb, scratcher for their nails. I feel like it has a sense of belonging to the cat, like this is my house inside my mom’s house.

3. Cat bed

Before I bought cat bed, I see my cats sleeping everywhere, on the couch, kitchen cabinet, the dining table and I always have to “shoo” them away or get mad at them. But after I got the cat bed, it actually encourage them to sleep in one place. They know it’s theirs and will always go there for napping time. I actually have five cat beds at home.

4. Cat toys

Cat toys are great for cats but it actually depends on what toys you get. For me, I bought toys with bells in it that are in the shape of a ball, rat and fish so that my cat don’t feel lonely when I’m not around. Also, it gets the cats to exercise more especially for house cats like mine. I work everyday, they are left alone at home, so it’s nice to have toys they can play together.

5. Cat collar

You know how cats sometimes goes missing, I’ve lost so many cats cause people come in and out of my house. Back then cat owners put collars because it looks cute but it’s a must have. Nowadays, collars have options where owners can put important details such as cat names and phone numbers, so whoever found the cat can call and return it back to the owner. But a more modern option is the Apple airtags, where I now can locate my cat easily (all five of my cats are wearing one).

6. Cat water fountain

I love them cause I don’t have to refill and change the water all the time. It also has bigger space to store more water and has filters. Back when I used bowls for my cats for water, it’s always filled with cat hair. So the filter is loved! And my cats seem to enjoy it as they drink more water in a day than they did with the bowls. This is definitely the first thing new cat owners should put on their list.

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