6 Unheard-Of Things That Might Just Be Exactly What You Need

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1. Ultimate bed frame

Image: Ultimate Smart Bed

The difficulty of falling asleep at night, waking up in the morning and getting out of bed has been further enhanced with this bed frame. It features a Bluetooth sound system, electric massage chair, power ports, reading lamp and plenty of storage space to keep the devices as close to you as possible. But with regulated usage, this is indeed the ultimate bed frame. It also features a built-in safe box, bed bench and footstools.

2. Soap for Evil Dictators

This stale tobacco scented handmade soap is a democrat who took one for the team. This is because despite for whom and for what it is actually made for, it still beliefs in freedom and equality between people as it allows anyone including you to purchase it and use it. In fact, it also does work in favor of democrats by washing away only the pathetic attempts at democracy and not the excellent ones.

3. Pizza cone set

Image: Amazon

With this cone-shaped pizza maker, you have to give and take. What you have to forgo here is the carefree style and the lesser steps it usually takes to make a pizza and on top of that, the thought of sharing it. But what you can get out of it is the thought of having the whole pizza to yourself and finishing it in one sitting, and the ergonomics that has always been lacking on a slice of pizza.

4. StepNpull door opener

This foot-operated door opener is made to last on a latchless door and as its name would suggest, it is designed to step and pull the door. The idea behind it is to have a door opened without any bare-hand contact which is often useful in an environment that prioritizes cleanliness and doors where the oncoming people usually have their hands full.

5. Clocky

It is also known as the alarm clock on wheels. But it’s not all talk and no action because it will drive off your nightstand the very moment the alarm goes off. With the pure intention of making sure that you have fully woken up, it will keep going around your room with the alarm ringing until you’re annoyed enough to get out of bed, get a hold of it and turn it off all by yourself.

6. Eggplant sauce bottle

Here’s one way to clean your mind from the dirty hidden interpretations of the online world that could have a damaging effect on how you text someone and come to a conclusion on certain texts. That is by using this eggplant emoji sauce bottle to repurpose from the infamous online representation of it and slowly but surely bury the fact that such a thing existed with all the memories of delicious sauce you had in it.

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