7 Best Gifts To Give For New Mommies

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1. Philips AVENT baby milk bottle warmer

Little babies need to drink milk frequently, within 1-2 hours interval. If milk gets cold, then you have to make it again. Milk warmer give mommies the little peace and rest they can have with a newborn on hand.

2. Pampers pure protection disposable baby diapers

Newborns can use upto 20 diapers a day. Someone gifting diapers is a relief financially and also helps mommies to not go out to buy diapers so frequently.

3. Goodwipes flushable and plant-based wipes

Babies use up wet tissue even more than diapers. Their mouth drip when they have food. Wet tissue is the answer to cleaning up their poo poo and all those sticky drools. And sometimes, it can also be used as cold compress for mommies when she is too exhausted to get up.

4. Back rest cushion

New moms often have back pains. Besides, they sometimes fall asleep in unimaginable angles to not let the baby wake up. This back cushion can be used to help them rest comfortably.

5. Manual breast pump

When baby sleeps mommies can use the breast pump to store the milk beforehand so that if they want to rest a bit, their family members can use the stored milk to feed the baby when he is hungry.

Besides, breast pumping every 3 hours help mommies increase milk supply (for those mommies whose breast milk supply at start is not enough for the baby).

6. LEVOIT air purifier

Helps to keep the air clean and hygienic. This is specially important in this post covid era.

7. GLOVAL baby nail kit

Out of all the baby shopping, this tiny thing can slip out of mommy’s mind, only to be reminded by the baby’s sharp scratches. So this can be a nice gift.

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