7 Cookbooks Every Guy Must Have (Women Are Welcomed To Have)

In a generation where most recipes can easily be obtained on the internet, including KFC’s “secret” original recipe, there are still some recipes that are worth buying a cookbook for.

Prison ramen

Clifton Collins Jr. and Gustavo “Goose” Alvarez spent years in prison and been through humiliation, tension, disappointment, depression, and madness before being able to put this cookbook together. It is filled with interesting ramen recipes discovered while in prison accompanied by interesting prison stories.

In other words, the only way you’re going to get a taste of prison—YOLO—is either you go to prison and suffer for years or you buy this cookbook.

Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

The recipes in this book are based on the Burger of the Day in the episodes of the American animated sitcom, Bob’s Burgers.

Before the recipes were made into a cookbook by Bento Box Entertainment (the company behind Bob’s Burgers), a fan of the show (Cole Bowden) was making each and every Burger of the Day from the show and publishing it in his blog called The Bob’s Burger Experiment. As the blog began to grow popular, the company found out about it and decided that it would be better if a cookbook is made out of it. So the company invited two working chefs to work with Cole to bring the recipes to their full potential.

In other words, you can either make the half potential recipes that are still to be found on his blog or you buy this cookbook.

The Elder Scrolls Cookbook

This cookbook is based on the food found in the video game series The Elder Scrolls. The author, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, uses her imagination to translate food found in the game into real life which is quite similar to what Cole Bowden did but she’s a pro at it (professional fictional food developer and writer). She also wrote the Star Wars Cookbook, Overwatch Cookbook, Game of Thrones Cookbook and World of Warcraft Cookbook—which are all must have cookbooks.

If you search the keyword “the elder scrolls cookbook” on Reddit, you will see many Redditors posted a picture of sweetrolls that they made based on this cookbook.

And it’s no coincidence. This is because they stole the sweetrolls recipe of Amazon.com which had the page of the recipe published as a preview of the cookbook.

In other words, you can either be like them or you buy this cookbook.

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