7 Items That You Will Not Regret Throwing Your Hard Earned Cash Away On

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1. Knee-high chicken leg socks

These eye deceiving socks that are made especially for women will also be a good pair of socks for body-building men who make excuses to skip leg day—assuming he skips leg days, size is not a problem (one size fits most)—as they help emphasize the skinniness of the legs which is enough to give that extra push needed.

2. Foldable backpack

Although taking on the world with this backpack is not advisable, it does make a nice spare backpack. It rises from humble beginnings to become a full-size backpack with waterproof and tear-resistant fabric, waterproof zippers, breathable mesh shoulder straps, bottle holders and plenty of storage space.

3. MacBook Air makeup mirror

This is an actual makeup mirror. It measures 3.7-inch by 2.5-inch and follows the design of the MacBook Air quite closely. However, there are a couple of major details it’s missing out on such as its color which is white, and the unbelievable fact that it’s only priced at $8.95. 

4. Math equation necktie

There’s something about math equations that no matter where it’s scribbled on, it denotes education instead of vandalism. Maybe because there’s so much credibility to it. Having said that, this tie puts the smart (pun intended) in your formal attire.

5. Custom face stickers

Your worst enemy is yourself. Before you are kept on a tight leash, it is a good antidote to have ‘pillow talk’ with this person in you right after you are demoralized. For instance, when this person took it too far with the criticism of yourself, you have pillow talk and get these face stickers to patch things up.

6. Portable door lock

This clever thing exploits the existing lock of a door to add an extra layer of security. It is designed to protect the door against third-party key holders from accidentally accessing the door which is normally the case in an Airbnb or a rented room so that you can have a good night’s rest.

7. Pixels

Not that it matters, but it is rare to find a battery-powered device that can still function without batteries. Or does it? This dice is one of those rare finds. It is an electronic dice with numbers engraved on it, therefore, it can still be used to play even if the juice has already run out.

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