7 Products To Treat Yourself With If You’re A 90s Kid

1. This insert coin keychain to carry a piece of the fun times with you wherever you go.

Image: Pinterest

2. A recreated PlayStation 1 with HDMI connection to reimburse your childhood for all the interrupted hours to do homework and having to sleep early for school.

Image: TechRadar

3. And on top of that, a recreated Super Nintendo with HDMI connection.

Image: The Verge

4. A set of six floppy disk coasters to have the presence of a floppy disk around a little longer than it used to. It came and went too quickly.

Image: Amazon

5. This VHS lamp made out of a real VHS tape to honour the birth of watching newly released films at the comfort of your home.

Image: Etsy

6. An Apple iPod Touch to celebrate what MP3 players have become.

Image: Apple

7. For a change from the nostalgic taste of the 90s snacks, this toaster from the 70s to have a taste of the decade you didn’t get to see.

Image: Pinterest
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