7 Special Gifts To Get For The Friend Who Likes To Travel

1. Dream holiday fund jar. This box measures about 7″ tall and 7″ wide. It is 3″ thick which is capable of holding a good sum of money. The backside of it can be opened for when the time to travel comes.

2. Travel neck pillow organizer. It is an average neck pillow but it’s a little special. It has additional pockets to keep things (e.g. passport) within reach and secured so that you can sleep in peace during your flight or bus ride. It has two zippered pockets and two open pockets.

3. Packing cubes. These packing cubes comes in a set of 9. It’s for the insides of your luggage to survive the turbulence of the flight and the overall chaos of the baggage system. There are various sizes of cubes available that helps organize your big things in the luggage up to the little things such as your cosmetics.

4. Men’s boulder boot. With this particular boots, you can finally pack up a pair of boots in your luggage without sacrificing on space. These boots are the real deal: high quality and they can be packed down to the size of a fist bump.

5. Mini travel iron. Exactly how big is this will literally blow your mind especially when this thing actually works as an iron and not the gimmicky stuff. It’s 5″ long (more or less the size of your palm) and weighs only 368 grams. And it looks both cool and cute at the same time!

6. Zero grid passport wallet. Nothing has figured out the things in life better than this passport wallet; it comes with travel pen for custom forms; credit card holder; and a special compartment for the other stuff such as cash and whatnot. RFID? Has it!

7. Travel pillow. Five sleeping modes from one travel pillow.

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