8 Essential Things To Get Right After You Decide To Have A Dog

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1. Dog collar

In the case the dog goes missing, someone could identify that it’s a home-dog and try to find its owner around the neighborhood or social media. You can also attach a GPS tracker on it to locate your dog if it goes missing.

2. Dog hoodie

You could dress them up when you bring them for an outing. It makes their day too.

3. Dog food and drink bowl

Obviously for feeding them. If you have more than 1 dog, it’s advisable to have more bowls for each of them so the dogs won’t quarrel among themselves.

4. Dog food

It’s a must to feed your dog as they also get hungry. Even so, dogs have their preferences when it comes to food as they don’t eat everything. Trial-and-error is the method.

5. Dog walking harness

It’s easier to control your dog while walking them as they might run away from you when they spot something, smell something or even when they sight for dogs from the opposite gender.

6. Toys

Some dogs love toys. They use it to play with it by their own, also as a tool to pass the time with their owners. Some even use toys to greet somebody they’re fond of.

7. Cage (to use when needed)

It’s not advisable to cage your pets, however on certain occasions, when your friends or relatives visit you, they might be scared of dogs even though you know your pet wouldn’t harm them but sometimes your pet can’t help it. Holding them into the cage temporarily is the best solution.

8. Dog shampoo

Always bathe your dogs every week to prevent accumulation of dirt or lice. Even though some dogs hate to bath, there’s no any other option. And the secret to a good bath, is a good and quality shampoo for them. It makes them fresh and clean.

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