8 Products Paired with a Meme

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1. Bulin camping cookware mess kit

Altogether there are thirteen pieces of cookware piled inside of this and because it involves so many things in a small space—measuring only 16.7cm tall and 20.6cm wide—there is a certain way to go about with the piles. The trickiest one is the sixth pile whereby the soup spoon, rice ladle and cleaning sponge have to be placed inside of the tea kettle followed by having the lid of the tea kettle placed on top of the plastic serving bowls before piling them all together on top of the tea kettle.

2. Robosen T9

This is a Transformers-inspired robot that is programmable. It has an app with a simple drag and drop interface that allows all of its movements, transformations and voices to be customized. It’s also voice-activated: whatever that it is programmed to do—besides being able to be activated directly from the app itself—is voice-accessible.

3. Rolling knee pad

Also known as KneeBlades, they are meant to protect the knees from knee bursitis which is a type of knee injury that is usually caused by jobs that require a lot of kneeling and bending of the knees. The knee pads—that is removable to be used on its own—reduces the pressure on the knees whereas the wheels provide mobility without having to lift off the ground.

4. Toothpick crossbow

This toothpick crossbow from Wish.com requires some assembling before being able to put it to use. But still, it’s hard to say no to it because once it is assembled, it can shoot a toothpick as far as 18 feet which 20 toothpicks and a target practice paper are thrown in as an irresistible invitation to be the judge for it. On top of that, it only requires four simple steps to assemble even which a screwdriver and clear assembly instructions are provided.

5. Microwave popcorn maker

This microwave popcorn maker comes in snack size and family size. The snack size makes a maximum of 1.5 quarts of popcorn and the family size makes a maximum of 3 quarts, both of which have a silicone lid that has markings to indicate the maximum amount of popcorn kernels that can be inserted inside of it. Besides the lid acting as a measuring cup for the popcorn kernels, it also features small holes which when some butter is placed on it will cause it to melt and drip on the popcorn while it is popping.

6. Triangle kitchen sink basket

This basket can be used as a kitchen sink organizer or a strainer. However, it only fits on certain types of sinks because of the unique triangle shape that is intentional to allow it to be fixed at the top corner of a sink which maximizes the use of the sink’s space.

7. Side sleeper’s pillow

This firm memory foam pillow that has two tunnels is made to relieve pressure on the shoulder for side sleepers. The tunnel that runs across the front of the pillow relieves pressure on the shoulder when the arm is extended straight out. The other one that cuts through the center is for relieving pressure on the shoulder when the arm is under the pillow,

8. Imalent MS18 flashlight

The IMALENT MS18 is a flashlight that features eight brightness levels. The level that is brighter than most flashlights is level eight which outputs a whopping 100,000 lumens. To produce light as bright, it uses 8 pieces of 21700 batteries to max out all the 18 pieces of Cree XLamp XHP70.2 LEDs and it has a built-in heat pipe radiator to cool down the LEDs as they get heated up quite fast; all of which makes it the most powerful, brightest and most dangerous flashlight in the world.

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