8 Things Only A Lefty Would Be Glad To See

1. This pair of scissors with a handle that’s made especially for you to properly cut a straight line.

2. The first-ever pen designed and developed for left-handers. It is meant for you to write more comfortably.

Image – Reddit

3. A PlayStation 1 console wallet with the CD slot that opens the wrong way just so you could handle the wallet left-handedly.

4. A deck of cards which you can finally see the numbers on the top.

5. This handmade mug with a handle that allows you to slip your fingers in like a pocket and wrap the palm of your hand around the mug to keep your hand nice and warm during chilly mornings.

6. An automatic can opener.

7. This keyboard that cares about you.

Image – Facebook

8. And a digital tape measure which makes reading the normally upside-down measurement less difficult.

1 thought on “8 Things Only A Lefty Would Be Glad To See

  1. I do not understand the play cards. I have never had a problem. Just organise the cards differently and the problem is solved. WE, the lefties have become creative because we have to overcome so many struggles…

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