8 Unique Pizza Wheels

Either you love pineapples on pizza or you don’t, the pizza wheels below have nothing against it.

1. This Darth Vader’s lightsaber pizza wheel. It has a button that you can push while cutting the pizza to make the lightsaber sound.

2. It’s not exactly a fork and it’s not exactly a pizza wheel either. It’s somewhere in between. It’s a forpizwhe.

3. Behold, the electric pizza wheel. Just like a dildo, add some motor parts in it and it will do the work for you.

4. By the look of this thing, it’s definitely not going to be comfortable to use it. But so does being a geek and geeks know their shit.

5. If you can’t afford any racing bicycle, you can certainly afford this racing bicycle.

6. Pepperoni pizza, I choose you!

7. Unfortunately, it’s not battery-powered. Why God why!

8. This looks like it shouldn’t belong here but it tried its best.

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