9 Attention-Grabbing Products That Deserves More Attention

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1. The Jewish-Japanese Sex & Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves

Published in 1972, this $89.90 book (hardcover $220) written by comedy writer Jack Douglas features only a single page about Japanese cooking which makes its title very misleading. But it’s innocent until proven guilty which means that it can still be considered a cookbook. Does that mean that it is the world’s most expensive cookbook?

2. Moon puzzle

According to Wikipedia, to be a werewolf you will need to sleep outside with the full moon shining directly on your face. But there’s another way. And that is by solving this full moon puzzle that consists of 1000 puzzle pieces. This is because it will unleash the werewolf in you.

3. DC Comics cape crew socks

The best time to put these socks on is when cycling, playing football, jogging, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and any other sports or physical activities that will get the cape to do its thing. Sadly, it will slow you down because it’s not aerodynamic. So it’s probably best to go with Edna Mode’s “No Capes” rule and get the Superman Socks without a Cape instead.

4. Handgun thumb drive

This handgun thumb drive was first found sold on AliExpress by Civetman, an AliExpress seller that mostly sells thumb drives that are in disguise. Although it is no longer sold by the seller, it is still available on Amazon for a slightly higher price. As small as it is in terms of size, the unhelpful high school teacher will still be

5. Ready-made plastic Jägerbomb cups

It’s not a party if there is no Jägerbomb. However, making sure everyone has a Jägerbomb shot at a party is a nightmare because of the number of glasses and shot glasses that need to be used. These reusable plastic Jägerbomb cups (sold in 100s) will not only solve the problem but also help you save on mixer cost because due to the measurement of the cups, you can easily make 4 shots with a 12oz can of Redbull.

6. Umbrella flask

Another way to save cost when it comes to booze is through this umbrella flask (not a real umbrella). It features a hidden 9-ounce flask on the inside which can be accessed by screwing the umbrella handle open. It’s also well-padded on the outside so that it feels like an umbrella, allowing you to get past security at a nightclub or a music festival and avoid the outrageous booze price.

7. Kingii wearable

Getting back up to the surface of the ocean is a lot easier with this thing that works like a parachute. It is a wearable device that will release a float and pull you back up to the surface quickly and safely, that is if there are no sharks above you before releasing it.

8. Levitating DeLorean (Back To The Future Part II)

Priced at $307, this is something that your mum or your wife will nag at you for the whole year for wasting your money on. But the nag is nowhere close to make you feel bad because the attention to detail and magnetic levitation of this DeLorean is enough to blank out whatever that’s happening around you.

9. Lifelike wolf plush

This lifelike wolf plush measures the exact same size of a real wolf, 204cm from nose to tail, and features soft fur, soft body, soft tail and soft legs that feels identical to a real animal scarf but not identical because it’s not soft enough to be completely wrapped around the neck. As a result, wrapping it around the neck would look more or less like this

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